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Don’t know where you can prepare your CV for cultural exchange programs?

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The 1st Step

You should fill in the personal information and attach your business photo (size: 3.5х4.5)

The 2nd Step

You should choose which languages ​​you know and at what level.

The 3rd Step

You should provide references to your social network pages (usernames or profile names). If you don’t use them, just write “I don’t use”

The 4th Step

You should indicate your work experience. If you don’t have any experience, choose “no”.

The 5th Step

If you have work experience and chose options “yes, 1 position only” or “yes, more than 1 position”, you should fill in the information about your experience.

The 6th Step

You should fill in the information about your education.

The 7th Step

If you have any achievements or certificates, you should provide this information there.

Your CV is ready. Please check your email and contact us if you have any questions about it.