Work and Travel Vouchers are now available

The following page was created to provide information about Global Friend’s Vouchers and verify the Authenticity for voucher holders

History: Early 2020, COVID-19 Pandemic spread worldwide, causing disruption in the student travel industry. In March 2020 US Embassies around the world announced their closure, which changed the plans of millions of students who planned to apply for various student exchange (J) and educational programs (F visas). For two years, the program remained closed resulting in hundreds of cancellations.

Our agency, along with our colleagues and students has all suffered and shared mutual sacrifices. Global Friends have honored every Agreement that was made and processed every single cash refund for our participants. In addition to that, Global Friends have voluntarily introduced and distributed vouchers to selected participants designed to ease the financial burden of participants who have not been able to participate in the program due to the Global Pandemic.

Global Friend’s interpretation of Voucher is based on the following definition: As defined by OXFORD Languages (world’s leading dictionary publisher): “A voucher is a small printed piece of paper that entitles the holder to a discount, or that may be exchanged for goods or services.”


  • The following Vouchers listed below are registered and can be applied as a discount towards any BridgeUSA programs offered by Global Friends, including Work and Travel USA, Academic Year Program, Internship/Trainee program, Camp USA
  • The value of the voucher may vary. It can be anywhere from $200 to $1000 that can ONLY be deducted as a discount towards the program cost. Each Voucher has a unique code that must not be repeated. Once Voucher is used, it will be marked as used in the list below.
  • While the voucher was originally designed for participants to allow them to ease the financial burden associated with future program participation, the voucher is transferrable. You can give it as a gift to your friend, acquaintance at no cost or for a nominal price. To Transfer the voucher you only need to approach us once via email ([email protected]) and let us know the new name of the holder of the voucher. Always contact us before you buy the voucher.
  • Global Friends verify the Eligibility of every applicant applying to the program and make sure an applicant meets or exceeds our Best Practices designed to select the best program ambassadors.
  • The voucher gives no special privileges during the Program selection process. If you are not selected on the program, you will not be able to use the voucher.
  • Please note, Global Friends does not SELL, BUY or Benefit from vouchers in any way. We can NOT refund the cash value of the vouchers whatsoever so if you use the voucher, your refund policy would NOT be the same as the participant that paid the full cash value of the price of the program.
  • The only way how the voucher can be used by Global Friends is by applying it as a discount towards program fees. In case of Visa Denial or Program Cancellation, your refund amount is calculated based on the FEE DISCLOSURE FORM YOU SIGNED (which is only based on the cash cost of the program (and never CASH + Voucher).
  • Different promotions cannot be combined together. Voucher value cannot be applied together with any other discounts, certificated, promotions, etc. 
  • Any attempt to abuse the voucher will result in immediate voucher cancellation and associate participant disqualifications. Global Friends is required to report any misdemeanors to J1 Visa Sponsors.

Please request a copy of the FEE DISCLOSURE FORM to make sure you understand applicable refund policies and make an informed decision about selling or buying the voucher.

The expiration of the voucher – January 1, 2023

Once you receive the voucher via email, the Code of the voucher will appear here for verification purposes. Once the Voucher is used, it will be marked as used

If you have any questions, PLEASE ONLY contact our Austin office via email at [email protected]


The following vouchers have been issues and eligible to be applied:

  • GLF-V-2021-01
  • GLF-V-2021-02 – Transferred and Used
  • GLF-V-2021-03 – Transferred and Used
  • GLF-V-2021-04 Transferred and Used
  • GLF-V-2021-05
  • GLF-V-2021-06 Transferred and Used
  • GLF-V-2021-07 – Voucher for internship program/converted to WT – Transferred and Used
  • GLF-V-2021-08 – Transferred and Used
  • GLF-V-2021-09
  • GLF-V-2021-10
  • GLF-V-2021-11 –  Transferred and Used
  • GLF-V-2021-12
  • GLF-V-2021-13
  • GLF-V-2021-14
  • GLF-V-2021-15- Used by owner
  • GLF-V-2021-16
  • GLF-V-2021-17- Used by owner
  • GLF-V-2021-18
  • GLF-V-2021-19 –  Transferred and Used
  • GLF-V-2021-20 – SPECIAL VOUCHER $875 in value 
  • GLF-V-2021-21 –  Transferred and Used
  • GLF-V-2021-22- SPECIAL VOUCHER $200 in value
  • GLF-V-2021-23
  • GLF-V-2021-24 – Transferred and Used
  • GLF-V-2021-25
  • GLF-V-2021-26 – Transferred and Used
  • GLF-V-2021-27
  • GLF-V-2021-28
  • GLF-V-2021-29-Transferred and Used
  • GLF-V-2021-30 -Transferred and Used
  • GLF-V-2021-31 – Transferred and Used
  • GLF-V-2021-32 – Pending Transfer
  • GLF-V-2021-33-Used by owner
  • GLF-V-2021-34 – Transferred and Used
  • GLF-V-2021-35 – Transferred and Used
  • GLF-V-2021-36
  • GLF-V-2021-37
  • GLF-V-2021-38
  • GLF-V-2021-39
  • GLF-V-2021-40 – on sale, contact directly Abdurahim Isamov or +9989728070701
  • GLF-V-2021-41 – $500 value, sold for $375, used.
  • GLF-V-2021-42 – $500 value, USED, transferred to a friend
  • GLF-V-2021-43 – $1000 voucher Sold for $650 and transferred to another applicant.
  • GLF-V-2022-44 – $500 value